Let your customers know instantly about your latest offers and announcements for them. Utilize the new !SMS integration to send SMS to your potential as well as existing customers and engage them with you for an increased productivity.
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  • Offline service
  • Instant Notification
  • Announcements/Offers
  • Fully Traceable
  • Data Maintenance
  • Easily Manageable
  • Personalized interaction
!SMS is an efficient way of communicating with your contacts on offline mode. It keeps all customers active with updated information as the most convenient service or in the shortest period of time.
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Opt! Great Partner
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Opt! has become a great Partner to us in handling all of our lead management needs. Opt! has been an amazing improvement to our business.

~ Symmetry
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Opt! Valuable Management Tool
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I have used many CRM solutions. All of them fall short of Opt! that is specifically tailored to the financial sales professional. Opt! is a valuable management tool every business needs.

~ GaranticeSuFuturo
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OptSoft’s generous assistance
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We appreciate OptSoft’s generous assistance in data collection effort for Haiti Relief. OptSoft’s quick turnaround and professionalism are commendable.

~ Non-profit Organization
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Opt! efficient Rental Management System
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Faster, professional, and more efficient Rental Management System than any other.

~ Courier Car
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