Automated Construction CRM to Increase Sales Opportunities
More Sales Opportunities
Grab more opportunities and increase your sales with our custom-made construction CRM. Using our latest and advantageous CRM, contractors can collect, maintain and organize information about buyer preferences, trends and patterns. These functionalities let you know what your buyers are interested in and help you greatly to provide the most suitable offers to them. Also, you can save a lot of money on expensive advertisements by contacting your buyers for their responses whenever you launch a new project. Moreover, our project sharing tools enable you to improve communication with your potential buyers.
Enhanced Social Media Marketing
Utilize social media marketing to reach more buyers and close more deals. With our innovative CRM, we let contractors integrate with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest profiles of potential buyers and track their interests and preferences. This way, you can get to know which kind of projects they might be interested in and approach them with the most suitable offers. Also, you can easily track all the aspects of your social media campaign and identify which social network is bringing the most traffic and what buyers think about your projects. Utilizing this crucial information, you can improve your services and help them with a better customer experience.
Task Tracking & Meeting Deadlines
Complete all your tasks in time and meet the deadlines easily with Opt! construction CRM. Using our fully integrated CRM, construction companies can synchronize all the critical data with a calendar and minimize the guesswork to be done. This greatly helps to attend scheduled appointments timely and complete the tasks on scheduled time. Utilities in our CRM enable you to keep a track of all the customer birthdays and send them personalized messages, gift cards and promotional offers to make them feel valued. Utilizing our innovative and easy to use CRM, you can gain the attention of a bigger customer group and strengthen your relations with them.
Workflow Automation
Execute your customer engagement processes efficiently with our innovative construction CRM. Construction companies and contractors can use our CRM to integrate contacts, schedule appointments and take care of other customer services. Also, our web portal features help you with multiple task handling such as viewing contacts, making and changing orders as well as managing construction schedules. Using our different tools integrated into CRM, you can also spot trends among different buyers and make business strategies for better productivity. Moreover, our campaign management features let you design and run effective marketing campaigns to reach a bigger group of buyers.
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Opt! has become a great Partner to us in handling all of our lead management needs. Opt! has been an amazing improvement to our business.

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I have used many CRM solutions. All of them fall short of Opt! that is specifically tailored to the financial sales professional. Opt! is a valuable management tool every business needs.

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We appreciate OptSoft’s generous assistance in data collection effort for Haiti Relief. OptSoft’s quick turnaround and professionalism are commendable.

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Faster, professional, and more efficient Rental Management System than any other.

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