Utilize Procurement CRM to Gain More Business
Risk Management
Minimize the order-losing risks with our innovative and easy to use Opt! procurement CRM. Including the product safety, operational safety and compliance with the applicable laws there are various challenges that may lead your business to lose orders from customers. With our fully integrated CRM, we enable you to minimize the possible risks in an effective manner. Our procurement methodologies help your management to organize the risk and find out the possibilities of internal and external failures. By identifying these possible failures, you can be prepared to handle a similar situation better.
Improved Inventory
Figure out your inventory needs more accurately with Opt! procurement management software. Our innovative and fully integrated CRM enables you to improve the accuracy of your inventory orders and decide how many products you need to keep in your warehouse. With an organized inventory system, we save your time on managing the warehouse and locating the products easily. Using our procurement CRM, you can keep the highest selling products at easily accessible places and speed up your order fulfillment process easily. Moreover, our custom-made procurement CRM helps you with huge real-time and monetary benefits.
Procurement CRM
Order fulfillment
Fulfill more orders efficiently to streamline your business with our fully integrated e procurement software. Using our innovative procurement CRM, you can get the access to know how many orders you have received and how many products are available in the warehouse exactly. This way, you can be informed about the products in the warehouse and be prepared for new orders coming for a product. Also, our procurement software helps to eliminate the manual process of managing and finding out the products so that employees can focus on other important jobs. Moreover, catering the customers with a high-quality service strengthens your relationship with them.
Easy Shipping
Ship your products in a quick and predictable fashion to gain more customers. Shipping the products efficiently is one of the major factors to decide preference in the competitive marketplace. With our advanced e procurement system, we let you provide different shipping options to adjust as per your customer requirements. Utilizing Opt! CRM, you can also forecast the number of days a product may be shipped by and give your customers a clear idea when they might receive the product. Comparing the different shipping methods, you can adapt the quickest and most economical way of shipping to gain more profit and retain more customers.
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