Benefit from Membership CRM and Increase your Efficiency
Integrate Your Systems
Make the data sharing easier with our fully integrated membership CRM system. You can integrate various systems such as website, email and finance system into our CRM and access all the needed information at one place. This way, you can manage different aspects of the organization using just one system. Also, you can integrate prospect social media profiles with our CRM to track their activities and engagements. You can get to know what your potential members are interested in, send messages about the suitable topics and help them with their respective requirements.
Manage Your Members
Manage your potential members efficiently to make them feel valued. Potential members need to be treated differently than the existing members and our custom-made business contact management software helps you with the same. Using our easy to use CRM you send tailored messages and emails to potential members to increase your conversion rate. Also, Opt! CRM is not only made for sales and marketing goals but also to help with membership joining, escalation process and complaints handling. Moreover, you can identify the performance levels in key areas and make a business strategy accordingly.
Membership Management System
Improve Your Communication
Tailor your communication with members using our innovative CRM for membership organizations. Through our state-of-the-art Opt! CRM, we assist you with a better profiling of your members’ behavior and get to know them better. You can get a detailed view of the information your members look for, the events they are interested in, the channel of communication they prefer and who don’t react at all. This crucial information gives an insight of what your members find helpful and what they don’t. Utilizing our client management software for small business, you can tailor your communication as per their interests and preferences to enhance their experience with you.
Increase Your ROI
Spot the trends in your organization quickly with our innovative membership CRM. Using our easy to use Opt! CRM, you will be able to analyze all the data at a single place and can identify the trends among potential members easily. These trends give you an idea of what the prospects are interested in and you can respond quickly to the opportunities to make the most of it. Also, this analysis will help you decide your business strategies to get more and more members on board. Utilizing our custom-made CRM, you can sell the courses and products in same interest area and increase your ROI smoothly.
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Opt! has become a great Partner to us in handling all of our lead management needs. Opt! has been an amazing improvement to our business.

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I have used many CRM solutions. All of them fall short of Opt! that is specifically tailored to the financial sales professional. Opt! is a valuable management tool every business needs.

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We appreciate OptSoft’s generous assistance in data collection effort for Haiti Relief. OptSoft’s quick turnaround and professionalism are commendable.

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Faster, professional, and more efficient Rental Management System than any other.

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