Opt! US & State Maps integration benefits to visualize the CRM data on state maps and perform focused geographical analysis. Our latest mapping integration enables you to organize the location-based CRM data and manage customer appointments accordingly. Using Opt! Maps integration, you can manage and analyse sales geographically.
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  • Geographical breakdown
  • Location Accuracy
  • US & State Coverage
  • Availability by State/City/Zip
  • Export
  • Easily Manageable
  • Progressive data maintaining
!MAPs provides an accurate positioning of clients easily. It allows purchasing of available contacts based on State/City/Zip codes. Opt! user can see number of leads assigned to a specific agent based on their location.
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Opt! Great Partner
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Opt! has become a great Partner to us in handling all of our lead management needs. Opt! has been an amazing improvement to our business.

~ Symmetry
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Opt! Valuable Management Tool
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I have used many CRM solutions. All of them fall short of Opt! that is specifically tailored to the financial sales professional. Opt! is a valuable management tool every business needs.

~ GaranticeSuFuturo
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OptSoft’s generous assistance
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We appreciate OptSoft’s generous assistance in data collection effort for Haiti Relief. OptSoft’s quick turnaround and professionalism are commendable.

~ Non-profit Organization
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Opt! efficient Rental Management System
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Faster, professional, and more efficient Rental Management System than any other.

~ Courier Car
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