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Opt! is an advanced, feature rich, scalable, customizable, innovative, easy to use, and fully managed CRM system. Opt! is unlimited in its capabilities. It can be customized quickly to address any contact, opportunity, document, and workflow need. Opt! has a simple, user-friendly, flexible, and robust interface which can be uniquely personalized for every user. Opt! allows for multi-layered secured access controls and encrypted data storage. Opt! is the foundation for a wide array of our State of the Art Industry Specific Solutions. Opt! is the optimum database utility, opening an uncluttered electronic business pathway to increased Productivity & Profitability. Please allow us the opportunity to show how Opt! can deliver solutions that meet and exceed your exact needs... On-Time, In-Budget, Guaranteed !!

We proudly earned these...

Opt! has become a great Partner to us in handling all of our lead management needs. Opt! has been an amazing improvement to our business.
Faster, professional, and more efficient Rental Management System than any other
I have used many CRM solutions. All of them fall short of Opt! that is specifically tailored to the financial sales professional. Opt! is a valuable management tool every business needs.
~ Financial / Insurance Sales
We appreciate OptSoft’s generous assistance in data collection effort for Haiti Relief. OptSoft’s quick turnaround and professionalism are commendable.

~ US Charity Organization