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BI TOOLS (Business Intelligence Tools) Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration

Opt! BITs unleashes the limitless potential of Internet by discovering new and previously unrealized opportunities. It helps you stay in constant touch with everyone professionally, and keeps you well informed of their Interests, Needs, Opinion, Preferences, Offers etc. Opt! BITs promises unmatched Guaranteed Results* !!

Use Opt! BITs for…
  • Surveys
  • Opinion Polls
  • Stay-In-Touch
  • Questionnaires
  • Leads Generation
  • Solicitation Drives
  • Membership Campaigns
  • RFP (Requests For Proposal)
Opt! BITs Promises…
  • Quick Turnkey Launch
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Increased BI & Profits
  • Huge Productivity Gains
  • Results based Low Usage Fees
For a limited time only, take advantage of our FREE* OFFER and witness the amazing results that Opt! BITs delivers.

(*) Limited time offer. Call for details.
SEMINARS MANAGEMENT Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Opt! makes it easy to manage Seminars. After following the easy Seminar setup process, every step after that (Invitation, On-line or Call-in Registration, Payment, Thank You Note for Registering along with Seminar Details, Reminder, Check-In, After Seminar Summary, and Survey) is fully automated. Opt! also allows for Early Registration Discounts, Cancellations and Credits, Venue/Schedule changes, and Capacity Control. Various reports and Data Analysis Charts are also included.
ON-BOARDING MANAGEMENT Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration

  • Multiple Clients
  • Multiple Candidates
  • Multiple Job Types for each Client
  • On-boarding Forms & Documents associated with Clients/Job Types (Forms supporting signature if required)
  • On-boarding Packages (with version controls) associated with Clients/Job Types

  • Maintain Clients, Candidate, Forms, Documents, and On-boarding Packages.
  • Send On-boarding Requirements to Candidates with an URL Link that allows Candidates to access On-boarding package – fill forms – read and acknowledge documents etc. Optionally send SMS (Text Message) also to Candidate’s Cell Phone.
  • Send information e-mail to Clients also.
  • Re-send On-boarding Requirements in case missed by Candidate.
  • Provide Administrators the capability to track and view on-boarding progress by each Candidate.
  • Auto reminders for when Candidates are late in responding.
  • Provide Candidates the capability to partially fill forms and indicate “Complete” when fully filled. Partially filled forms can be re-accessed by them.
  • Provide Candidates the capability to Sign completed forms if required. (using mouse or finger)

  • Personalization – customer logo/name on system screens, forms, documents, and e-mails
  • Various Search, Print, Reports, and Administrator Dashboard capabilities
  • Further Customization Services Available
CONTRACTING MANAGEMENT Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Opt! helps you organize and execute all the steps for effective Contracting. These include RFP, Opportunities, and Approvals, and finalization leading to Contract Activation. Automated process tracks and informs about expiring and expired contracts for pro-active on-time handling. Opt! includes capabilities to store and manage attachments, develop abstracts, send vendor packets, send & track FYI and Approval Requests, and manage contract extensions.
LEADS GENERATION Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Opt! Leads Generation offers huge ROI by helping you organize your efforts and analyze results in many ways. We can also help with managing distribution of those leads including instantaneous electronic transfer. Once distributed, Opt! CRM can further help convert leads into opportunities and sales.
LEADS COMMERCE Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Opt! allows lead vendors to post and offer leads through interactive Opt! Maps on the Internet and allows sales agents to purchase, pay for, and instantaneously receive those. Once received, sales agents can then use Opt! CRM for FREE to efficiently perform and manage sales using included step-by-step workflow.
FORMS & BANNERS Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
We can develop and host Intelligent Fillable Forms to your exact needs and help deploy those at multiple web sites as well as provide links that can easily be embedded on e-mails. We can also convert your existing paper/electronic form. Opt! Forms include: Boolean & Popup Choices; Dependent Data Fields of Any Type; Signature using Mouse or Finger (for Tablets); Direct input into Opt! and other Databases; Generate E-mails & SMS Messages; Track and Analyze Usage.

We can develop and host Intelligent Banners and help deploy those at multiple web sites as well as provide links that can easily be embedded on e-mails. Opt! Banners include ability to Track and Analyze Clicks.
SERVICE CALLS MANAGEMENT Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Use this to organize and manage service and be assured that Opt! will help you make sure that all service calls are handled on-time efficiently and everyone providing and managing service is well informed. Service Recipients are also kept well informed about activities and status through e-mails and personalized web pages. Opt! delivers very personalized and satisfying service experience.
DOCUMENTS MANAGEMENT Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Opt! helps you store and organize documents of any type quickly and link those with multiple accounts, opportunities, and tasks. Once stored, they then can be accessed from anywhere with proper access rights as well as transmitted as attachment. Options are also provided to search for documents including by text in those. To upload, Opt! provides Scanner (TWAIN) Integration for paper documents as well as drag & drop capability for electronic ones.
PRODUCTIVITY DASHBOARDS Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Use Opt! Productivity Dashboard to keep everyone informed of the productivity progress, let everyone know how each one is performing, and motivate by telling who the high achievers are. We can customize the dashboard to your exact requirements and link it with real time data in your existing system. Using Opt!, our customers experience huge productivity gains and have much better informed and satisfied management and workforce.
GIFTS, REFERRALS, & SURVEY Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
Use Opt! to deliver attractive Gifts to thank anyone for appointments or purchasing from you or for anything else. Once instructed by you, Opt! will deliver Gift of your choice in a very personalized manner and make it an extremely satisfying experience for the recipient. While delivering the Gift along with a personalized message from you, Opt! will also ask for referrals, conduct survey, and ask for other interests. All this is offered at a cost far below than you can imagine – Guaranteed!. Opt! documents every activity and all correspondence is done on-time automatically.
ON-LINE SALES Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Ask for Details       Schedule Demonstration
For users of any Opt! CRM Solution, if you wish for someone to help you with all correspondence based on results of activities or status changes, Opt! Virtual Assistant can help. We will customize all those steps and provide personalized correspondence templates. Opt! will then handle each step on-time automatically. Examples of these are: Thank You note confirming a meeting; Thank You note after the meeting; Reminder Note for a follow-up etc.