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OptSoft was established in 1997 by a team of experienced software development and management professionals with one key objective - To develop and market the most comprehensive, customizable, and user friendly Relationship Management Software Solution.

Opt! is the optimum database utility, opening an uncluttered electronic business pathway to increased productivity and profitability. Opt! is unlimited in its capabilities. It can be customized quickly to address any contact, opportunity, document, and workflow needs. Opt! is feature rich, customizable, scalable, easy to use, innovative, and fully managed database management system with simple, clear, user-friendly, flexible, and robust interface that can be uniquely personalized for every user, setting it apart from it’s competition. Opt! offers multi-layered secured access controls and encrypted data storage.

Opt! solutions are developed using time tested Opt! program objects that address every database, workflow, and function need. Using those, Opt! delivers better results than custom at a lot less price quickly. When change is needed because of ever evolving business needs, Opt! delivers those quickly. No other database management system at any price compares with Opt! capabilities.

Once delivered, Opt! is then backed by personalized training, customized deployment, and support by service oriented, friendly, and experienced team of professionals that are always eager to help.

Opt! helps you actively use and apply the knowledge you have, and enables you to acquire what you don’t. With the power and operating ease offered by Opt!, your business will enjoy the competitive edge like never before. Opt! will help you convert opportunities into profits… Effortlessly!

Opt! is the Opt!imum choice for improved relationship management and Return On Investment. Join the Opt! database management revolution like many others in Healthcare, Insurance, Automobile, and Service Industries… and watch your productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits soar… On-time. In-Budget. Guaranteed !